JAG recently posted a “Coming soon project with some BEFORE pictures of a project done 7 years ago by a large Charlotte outdoor living company.  See what JAG just completed.

This newly revitalized deck includes all new Wolf PVC decking which is all blind screwed so you do not see hundreds of screws on the surface unlike the previous deck.  The handrails are also Wolf Traditional rails with black aluminum balusters with added decorative baskets as a nice touch.  This large new deck was finished off with a beautiful white aluminum pergola as the main focal point.

The client was extremely happy with the finished product and excited to finally used their new deck after be so disappointed in an expense deck and pergola that had built only 7 years ago and has been deteriating for 2 or 3 years at least so never used it in fear of it being too dangerous.

Another happy customer for JAG, your local backyard living family business.


Check out this NOT SO OLD, UGLY DECK and PERGOLA in Mooresville.  Built 7 Years ago by a BIG CHARLOTTE AREA BACKYARD COMPANY.  Apparently this is what MAINTENANCE FREE looks like… If this is how it looks only after 7 years, its been failing for at least 2-3 years before that and the home owner was heart broken on the money spent VS what they had to deal with 5-7 years later.

COMING SOON! JAG Construction is coming to the rescue to help this deck out with all new railings, all new decking, all new skirting and a brand new pergola all with a great product warranty to give the JAG client a peace of mind they are not making the same mistake.