3/15/2019 • Luxury Garage Progress Report from Above

Mooresville Luxury Garage Build Aerial View
JAG Construction Mooresville High End Garage

Things are moving along nicely with this Mooresville garage.  Grading continues, footing have been dug and poured and the septic system is in progress…. More to come!  For now, enjoy a birds eye view of the project!

2/28/2019 • A Day With No Rain Means We Can Start Digging!

Deluxe Garage Addition in Mooresville Starts Digging

Finally got a way with 24 hours of no rain…  We are ready to start digging on this garage addition in Mooresville!  Stay tuned to watch updates on this as it comes along…

1/30/2019 • Just Broke Ground on Deluxe Garage Addition in Mooresville!

We just broke ground on this new deluxe garage addition on Lake Norman in Mooresville.  This project will include a garage addition which will include a motorhome bay, a home micro-brewery, a workshop, a full bath, an added car bay finished off with a man town room on the second floor balcony.  Stay tuned for progress in the coming months to watch this beautiful addition come to life.

Be sure to come back and follow along as we create this lovely new garage addition in Mooresville.